October Member Feature

Our Globalink October Member Feature is Dacotrans de Centroamerica S.A. out of Guatemala City, Guatemala.


Berrit Backhaus, Dacotrans 

They recently completed a huge project where they received and loaded 4 stators of 33 tons each in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. They then delivered them to a hydroelectric plant in El Salvador, where the equipment was discharged successfully. Their team had to reinforce bridges and pass streets with high inclination.

Get to know Dacotrans de Centroamerica S.A.:

  • How long have you been in the industry & what do you specialize in?

    • “Dacotrans has more than 30 years in international logistic services and project management in Central America.”

  • How do you distinguish yourself from your competition, what makes you different?

    • “Trying to find a way to make the impossible possible at any time.”

  • Favorite thing about membership with Globalink/Global Value?

    • “Communication & support between all members, being a part of an international logistic-family.”

Our Global Value October Member Feature is Noble Worldwide Logistics out of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Anthony De Piante

Get to know Noble Worldwide Logistics:

  • How do you distinguish yourself from your competition, what makes you different? What do you specialize in?

    • We are a full-service freight forwarder and customs broker. We do it all, with a personal touch and an obsessive focus on customer service and knowledge of our clients’ business. We specialize in ocean & air import and export. We are extremely strong on air exports globally, and ocean freight to Europe and South America.”

  • What kind of business are you looking to develop now? 

    • “Air freight exports from the USA worldwide and sea freight to/from the U.K.”

  • Favorite thing about membership with Globalink/Global Value?

    • “The reliability and partnership of the fellow members. Outstanding folks, top to bottom.

  • Any exciting recent projects/shipments? 

    • “We are very proud to be growing our Transpacific volumes and client base in the midst of an extremely difficult market. Likewise, we have had several airfreight charters to Australia which likewise is a difficult lane right now. Lastly, we are moving about a large number of hazardous ISO tanks domestically for several different clients which requires intense coordination and know-how. Every shipment matters to us.”


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